Corporate Travel Management

We make the process of arranging business travel more efficient and less of a hassle.

Taking the time to understand the needs of your organisation to deliver flexibility, convenenience and added value.

  • Rapid response to enquiries
  • Instant access to the best available options for the traveller
  • Dedicated client managers ensure detailed traveller profile / preference information is used in every reservation

Our proactive approach doesn’t simply end with the reservation. ¬†We continue to work in the background, ensuring our clients are kept up to date and on top of ever changing circumstances.

We are able to provide instant alerts at times of urgency (e.g. strikes, global incidents, unforeseen weather, etc) and put appropriate contingency plans in place.

CSR Travel help you to achieve:

  • Cost savings
  • Added value
  • Detailed Management Information reporting – meaningful regular reports providing instant feedback on key travel related data – helping you manage your budgets
  • Flexible invoicing – customised solutions based on your travel patterns and particular needs.