CSR Media | Media Travel Management

Delivering film, TV, theatre or music productions is a creative endeavour – even before the logistics of getting cast, crew, support teams and equipment are considered.

Our understanding of the complexities involved enable us to assist with each stage of film and TV production; from development and media “recces”, to moving large groups of people and equipment.

Our experienced team work closely with the producers to plan and manage travel and logistics – enabling them to fully focus on the project.

Dedicated planners understand the project management challenges inherent with media travel.  We take the time to understand the locations, the schedule and to assess the risks and difficulties a particular production may encounter.

We are extremely conscious of the importance of adhering to budgets – understanding that the quality of the final product cannot be compromised.   Our dedicated team provide the necessary creative approach to make the travel requirements work at all budgetary levels.

Our 24/7 in-house service ensures a rapid response to the ever changing plans whilst on location.

CSR Media clients to date include major film and television production companies as well as smaller, independent studios.

CSR Media can organise:

  • Flights
  • Accomodation
  • Ferries
  • Car hire
  • Ground transport
  • Rail
  • Excess Baggage
  • And much more